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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Smart Hours - Household Energy Use

Canada and the United States use far more energy per capita than most other regions of the world. China's energy use per capita is increasing dramatically, so the world's most populous country will be having an even greater impact on the world's resources and economy.
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has studied the vastly different energy use and habits in various US states and regions. For example, EIA found that 70 percent of households in California versus 47 percent of households in Pennsylvania used energy-efficient light bulbs. Our rate of energy consumption is not sustainable, even energy providers know this so they are promoting renewable sources (such as wind power) and energy conservation programs.

Energy/electricity use by single-family homes, like that shown below, are not close to efficient.  Triple E is headquartered in Oklahoma and was consulted by the homeowner to reduce energy consumption and utility costs.  Customers served by a publicly traded energy company OG&E, such as these homeowners, are perfectly suited for Triple E to intervene.  

Household Energy Use
Electricity Use in December 2011
Triple E Agent Assignment:
Knock down baseline and overall energy consumption to efficient levels...
How does Triple E attack this problem?

SmartHoursTriple E managed the household energy use using OGE’s SmartHours program, conducted a domestic energy profile, and made several changes to bring down costs.  Triple E was able to reduce energy consumption by about 50% per month.  Compare Dec 2011 (above) versus Dec 2012 (below).  The evidence is clear, this will save the

Domestic Energy Use
Electricity Use in December 2012

homeowner more than 50 dollars during low-energy utilization months and likely much more in the coming summer months.  This is one of the services that Triple E offers, if your household is interested in conserving energy and saving money – connect with

You're Welcome,
Triple E.

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