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Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite Smart Phone App

When Ben Franklin said, "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned," he probably was talking about the price difference for a dozen eggs from Merchant A versus Merchant B. However, the principle applies in any century and in any culture. Who doesn't like to save a dollar or Euro whenever possible?

Triple E was probably one of the last individuals to get a mobile phone. In fact, Triple E only became a cell phone user because the first was a 'paid-in-advance' gift. Come to think of it, the first Smart Phone was also a gift. Triple E didn't come around quickly, but after figuring out that the Smart Phone could be used to save money a new mission was created.
Triple E Agent Assignment:
Implement app(s) on Smart Phone to save more than monthly service fee...
Which app is the most promising and straightforward for saving?

GasBuddyEnter the iPhone and Gas Buddy who have been close friends of Triple E ever since.  The Gas Buddy app finds gas prices from every station in the area, sorts them by distance or price per gallon, and even uses the GPS and a map to take the money-saver to the right place.  There are days when the price per gallon will vary by more than 20 cents within a 0.5 mile radius.  With a 16-gallon tank that is a savings of $3.20 per tank by filling up at the lowest cost pump.  How many times do you fill up each month?

Triple E wants to thank the Gas Buddy community of users who are updating prices every day.

Honorable Mention: MapQuest app, another great free one but haven't figured out how to use it to save money.

Triple E.

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